NO Excuses Monday !

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What better excuse is there, to skip the gym, then a SNOW DAY! But, today is No Excuses Monday! So instead of making excuses, I improvised.   It’s not quite as easy to keep good form, with wiggling kids, but we are working with what we have. The girls were having so much fun, full of giggles and energy. I ended up … Read More

Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want right now

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  Full time mom of two kids who never stop moving. Devoted wife who prioritizes us time and Full time Grad student taking 3 classes at a time on the GI bill… There are never enough hours in the day to get it all done! and it is all to easy to make excuses for not going to the gym … Read More

One of those days!

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Ever have one of those days…. The kind where you wake up behind! Today is “one of those for me! I consumed nearly a sleeve of girls scout thin mint cookies,  was covered in my husbands coffee, then my coffee. To top it all I pulled my groin muscle doing my impression of an Olympic gymnast, contorting in ways I didn’t know I could, trying … Read More

Skinny fat to Fit and firm

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  In my weight loss journey there have been many goals achieved and new goals set. For me, this is the key to keeping the weight of.  Upon reaching a healthy weight, I was thrilled to have reached my gaol! But found my body didn’t look quite as I imagined it would. Rather than discount my huge success and dwell in disappointment, I … Read More

Way too smart and a bit vindictive.

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Sweet little Ava, is way too smart… and a bit vindictive. I mistakenly tried to study for school while the girls playepd. Within minutes of cracking my books, Ava starts hollering at Lilly(her big sister), about a toy. I play referee, make Ava apologize and distract her with a new toys. There, problem solved, I can go back to the … Read More

A Mental and Physical Change

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  Many people have asked me about how I lost all my weight.  I would like to share the down to earth and real ways I achieved my weight loss. I would also like to reinforce it with the “why”.  I credit my success to the fact that I don’t believe in diets, you have to make a lifestyle change. … Read More

Poop and Soup

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  You have to be kidding me… if being a mom has taught me anything it is how to laugh in those moments where I could just cry. There I was 
cleaning up dinner when Oldest, Lilly declares ” I am full”. Bent over busy loading dishwasher I direct her to bring her dish to sink… instead, she brings the … Read More