Progress Not Perfection

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15 Months of not giving up=125 lb down

15 months of perusing progress, NOT perfection! There is no denying this body has carried three, 9-10 lb babies and the excess weight that came with each pregnancy. I wouldn’t want to! This body of mine is a powerful tool capable of growing my three amazing girls and crushing goals! When fueled properly, challenged regularly and powered by a mindset … Read More

Will Power

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Willpower isn’t a trait, it is a choice. It can be broken down by hardships and trials or you can chose to use these moments to strengthened it. Like steel placed in the flame and repeatedly pounded. Willpower is forged in the moments where you feel the weakest, when you fear the next storm may put out the fragile flame … Read More

Whats your kryptonite?

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When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, what is your kryptonite? What is the challenge that seems to pop up every time you try to move forward? Is it not taking time to get to the gym, eating too much sugar, or fading motivation? My kryptonite? Happens to also be my motivation, my three girls. They are the very … Read More

Answers to my Most asked Question.

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I have received lots of questions in my inbox this last week (Keep them coming! :), and many of you have the same questions. I thought I would pull together a quick post to answer your most asked questions. Please feel free to leave questions, comments or send me an email any time. I will always do my best to … Read More

Why I chose to Register for the 2016 Transformation Challenge.

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I have done it before on my own, “Transformed” losing over 100+ after each pregnancy. No program, no supplements, I didn’t venture into the gym for the first time until after my second baby when I only had 20 lbs left to lose. The first two times, it only took me a year to get back to pre baby weight but … Read More

Dear New Year Resolution’s; Hitting the gym for the first time…

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Dear New Year Resolutioner’s, For all of you who have committed to a healthier new year and are pursuing your fitness goals at the gym. I know that starting at a gym can be intimidating under normal circumstances, but after your first week at the gym you may have noticed the harsh spotlight of being the newbie at the gym … Read More

Weight Loss Journey: Stephanie’s Story

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My name is Stephanie, I just turned 30 and I run a small business from home. I have two amazing children and a super supportive husband.  I was a thin healthy active teen. I started to gain weight in my early 20s after having kids going through a divorce and the depression that followed my divorce. I gained my weight … Read More