One thing every parent needs? A good laugh!

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Parenting can be frustrating, fun, fascinating and filled with challenges.

It can also be down right hilarious, if you can pause long enough to take a deep breath and laugh in those moments of insanity.

  1. Laughing helps to lower blood pressure and increases vascular flow: So, I tune out the tantrum and get a kick out of the fact that her sisters face says it all. Her face, LOL, my thoughts exactly !

@Tincanvas2. It makes you feel good: Laughter encourages the release of endorphins, the “feel good” compounds, in the brain. When I am feeling burnt out, frazzled and done for the day …at 3pm, I remind my self to stop. Taking 10 seconds to sit down and watch the crazy antics your kids come up with, works wonders for changing your mood. I mean it, as much as we love them, kids are weird! I dare you to watch them when they don’t know you are watching and not to crack a smile.

I dare you to keep a straight face

I dare you to keep a straight face

3. Laughing makes us more enjoyable to be around:We have all had that moment, the one we instantly want to take back; where the stress, volume and chaos of the day gets the better of us and we growl some absurd command like ” stop making  so much noise”, Only to look up and see the wounded and confused faces. I mean really, it is there job to make noise, challenge boundaries and see if they can really fly from any height as long as they are holding onto a broom stick, right?!

It is our job to model healthy stress management skills… and try to intervene before they leap from the top step clutching a broom stick;).  I am far from perfect but, I do try to challenge myself daily to find something laughable, about the insane antics my little loves come up with.

OMG, They Finally lost it.

OMG, They Finally lost it.

Memories being made...I mean, the damage has already been done right?!

Memories being made…I mean, the damage has already been done right?!

4. Get weird when you  feel like blowing your lid, if nothing else  it will confuse your kids: A big part of poor  behavior, is a challenge for control (they learn quickly which buttons to push). Getting crazy and acting silly, can not only defuse the situation, it can create fun memories. In our house. we call the time between 4 and 7pm, the witching hour. The kids a whinny and tired and so is mom! Rather then giving into the snowball effect of indulging in a bad attitude, I instituted the nerd dance, works wonders for changing everyones attitude.

  1. Everyone appreciates laughter and the benefits of it. However, in the daily grind of parenting and making a living,  it’s easy to forget how or why we laugh. This is a disservice to ourselves and our families. So, remember to find  humor in things and laugh as much as you can. You are your own worst critique… give yourself a break. There is no such thing as perfect, why not laugh about the bizzar reality of your own version of normal.
Just keeping it real

Just keeping it real

<3 Emily


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