How to make Working out a Habit: When you are to busy

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If you’re feeling defeated when it comes to fitness and working out, you are not alone, I am right there with you, It’s hard! There are many times when I DO want to work out but I feel like life is pulling me in 100 directions and there’s just no way I can make it work. With one in school from … Read More

Why I chose to Register for the 2016 Transformation Challenge.

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I have done it before on my own, “Transformed” losing over 100+ after each pregnancy. No program, no supplements, I didn’t venture into the gym for the first time until after my second baby when I only had 20 lbs left to lose. The first two times, it only took me a year to get back to pre baby weight but … Read More

Dear New Year Resolution’s; Hitting the gym for the first time…

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Dear New Year Resolutioner’s, For all of you who have committed to a healthier new year and are pursuing your fitness goals at the gym. I know that starting at a gym can be intimidating under normal circumstances, but after your first week at the gym you may have noticed the harsh spotlight of being the newbie at the gym … Read More

Taking on a challenge

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Based on the messages I have been able to get through so far allot of you are more interested in a nutrition or fitness challenge I put together. So let’s do this;)! Leave a comment with some of your goals ie, tone and strength, nutrition, just starting. I will use your comments or private messages to narrow it down and … Read More

No excuses Monday (with only an hour left)

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Today was another ” no excuses Monday…. even though I had a whole wad of legitimate one :). Sunday, I found my self with a weeks worth of,  procrastinated,  home work for grad school.  (Remind me NEVER again, take three core classes at the same time!) So sunday night, I buckled down determined to finish my online module development, Research proposal and … Read More

NO Excuses Monday !

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What better excuse is there, to skip the gym, then a SNOW DAY! But, today is No Excuses Monday! So instead of making excuses, I improvised.   It’s not quite as easy to keep good form, with wiggling kids, but we are working with what we have. The girls were having so much fun, full of giggles and energy. I ended up … Read More